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Sports Injury Physio | Physiotherapy Post-Operation

Sports Injury Physiotherapist

Once the Physiotherapist/Sports Massage Therapist has reviewed your case history, they will assess you and perform a variety of orthopaedic tests to establish the cause of your pain or injury. Once the Physio has a working diagnosis, they will explain this to you and a treatment/rehab plan going forwards to help resolve the issue allowing you to return safely to your sport/exercise.

Sports Injury Physiotherapist

Sports Injury Physio in Loughton, Woodford & Chigwell helping those ranging from amateur sportspersons to athletes return to sports by reducing pain, improving strength and aiding recovery. Our Physiotherapists are experienced in the treatment of a multitude of injuries including sports injuries.


Due to the nature of certain sports, getting injured at some stage is always a possibility. Physiotherapists & Sports Massage Therapists will treat a range of sports injuries involving muscle strains, ligament sprains as well as tendon issues such as patella tendinitis and achilles tendinopathy.  

Sports injuries can be acute, subacute or chronic in nature, each of which require a tailor-made rehabilitation plan which will vary based upon the severity of the injury, the structure involved and many other factors.​

Who can Benefit from a Video Physiotherapy Consultation?

Whether your injury and aches/pains are recent or more long-standing, our Loughton Physiotherapists are specially trained to deliver the very best treatment approaches to help you get better, including: ​ Hands-on treatment - Physiotherapists are trained to use a variety of hands-on techniques including: articulation to improve joint mobility, soft tissue techniques such as massage, to improve contractile-tissue quality and a variety of other techniques to help improve function. ​


Exercise Therapy - Physiotherapists incorporate exercise in to a patient's programme to assist in improving movement, flexibility and strength to reduce pain in both the short and long term. Ben Cohen Osteopathy Physiotherapists are trained to ensure every patient receives the right exercise program and they will support you to learn and carry out the program to make sure you get the most from your treatment. ​


Sports Physio & Massage Therapy for Sports Injuries ​ Our Sports Physio can help with a range of sports injuries sustained whilst exercising or playing a sport. Our Physiotherapists can also help rehabilitate more long-standing: sport, gym or exercise-related injuries by working on a combination of flexibility, stability, strength and function depending on the nature of your injury with the ultimate goal of helping you return to your specific sport or exercise pain-free.

Back Pain Treatment

Balance and Mobility Issues

For individuals experiencing difficulties with balance or mobility, virtual physiotherapy can offer exercises and strategies to improve stability and movement.

Stress-related Tension

Online physiotherapy can include relaxation techniques and exercises to alleviate physical tension associated with stress and anxiety.

Musculoskeletal Pain

Online physiotherapy is effective for managing various types of musculoskeletal pain, including back pain, neck pain, and joint pain.

Sports Injuries

Whether you're an athlete or a fitness enthusiast, virtual physiotherapy can help diagnose and treat sports-related injuries, providing rehabilitation exercises and guidance.

Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)

Individuals experiencing pain or discomfort due to repetitive movements, common in desk-based jobs, can benefit from virtual physiotherapy interventions.

Pre and Postnatal Care

Online physiotherapy offers support for pregnant individuals with prenatal discomfort and aids in postnatal recovery, addressing issues like pelvic pain and diastasis recti.

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