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London City

Who is the Best Osteopath in London?

As you have arrived at this page, you have most likely searched 'Best Osteopath in London' in the hope of finding the best Osteopath to help with your problem. 

When looking for the best Osteopath in London there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into account so that you can make a decision on who you go to see.

The first thing to be considered, before you continue your search for the 'best Osteopath in London', is whether an Osteopath can help with your particular concern or problem.

Osteopaths are Musculoskeletal Specialists and medically trained to assess, diagnose and treat pain, injury and conditions that affect the: muscles, ligaments, joints and nerves of the body. For a more comprehensive list of what Osteopaths can treat, visit our home page.

Once you have established whether an Osteopath is the appropriate person to help you, it is important to find an Osteopath who is suited to your particular presentation. Some Osteopaths have specialisms in certain areas e.g pre/post natal, paediatrics, visceral, cranial, where other Osteopaths have a more structural approach to treatment. 

Ben Cohen Osteopathy is made up of a team of Osteopaths with different specialisms. Some of our Osteopaths use more structural techniques including: deep tissue massage, sports massage, soft tissue techniques, joint mobilisations, stretching and muscle energy techniques and tend to see those patients suffering with back pain and neck pain, postural/work-related tension, sports/running injuries. Whereas some of our other Osteopaths in Woodford, Chigwell and Loughton are specialists in the treatment of babies and children and may use alternative techniques or approaches such as Cranial Osteopathy.

Once you have a better idea as to the type of Osteopath you are looking for, you can narrow down your criteria by location and reputation. The top Osteopaths in London will be those who are the highest rated in their respective areas. One useful way of looking for the Osteopaths who are rated highest in your area would be to do a simple google search such as 'Osteopath near me'. From this, you will be presented with google maps which is usually a good indication of the best Osteopaths in a certain area. This normally consists of 3 clinics that are nearby with the highest rating (plus possibly one paid google advert with the word 'ad' next to it). You will see that next to the clinic name there will be a google review rating with 5 stars being the highest and total number of reviews left by patients. 

Hopefully this gives you some insight into how you find the best Osteopath in London (for you) so that you can get the help you need and get back to enjoying a pain-free life.

Our Treatments

Head Massage
Cupping Treatment
Baby Learning to Walk


Personalised Osteopathy Treatment to reduce pain, improve movement and aid recovery. 


Acupuncture targets specific trigger points designed to alleviate pain and encourage the healing process.

Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial involves gentle manipulation of the skull and its associated structures to enhance overall health. 

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy involves the use of suction cups on the skin to stimulate blood flow, relieve muscle tension, and promote healing.

Paediatric & Baby Osteopathy

Paediatric osteopathy is a gentle form of manual therapy for babies and infants. 

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